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ZERONA MachineBASED ON THE PROVEN SCIENCE OF ZERONA BODY CONTOURING. ZERONA-AD safely causes the release of fatty lipids from within fat cells of the arms causing the fat cells to collapse and shrink to a smaller size, which reduces the circumference of the arm. The fatty lipids then enter the lymphatic system where they are broken into free fatty acids and used as energy in the cardiovascular system. The remarkable Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) images below demonstrate the 635 nm low-level laser’s ability to drain and collapse fat cells and liquefy adipose tissue.

ABOUT ZERONA-AD: THE ONLY DEVICE IN THE WORLD FDA CLEARED FOR REDUCTION OF UPPER ARMS. •Science validated in multiple peer-reviewed medical journals

•Treats the full circumference of both upper arms in a 40 minute session

•Designed for precise and reproducible diode placement

•Zero surgery, pain, side effects, or recovery time TREAT THE HIPS, WAIST, THIGHS, AND ARMS AT THE SAME TIME! Now with ZERONA-AD you can treat a patients ARMS during their 40 minute ZERONA body sculpting treatments. CLINICAL TRIAL – EFFECT ON UPPER ARM CIRCUMFERENCE – NESTOR et al Published in Journal for Clinical & Dermatology (2012)

•Double-blind, randomized, sham-controlled trial •40 patients, randomized (1:1)

•Treatment every-other-day for two weeks (total 6 treatments)

•No adjunctive protocols

•Patients were required to keep a daily dietary journal Objective Results

•Combined circumference reduction for Test group was 3.7 cm, compared with 0.2 cm for Sham group (p<0.0001) Satisfaction (Blinded) •80% were satisfied •90% believed their upper arm appearance improved •50% indicated results exceeded their expectations

•Long-term Follow-up at an average of 7.5 months showed essentially no change in circumference

•Conclusion: ZERONA LLLT (635 nm) can be used to produce significan and long-lasting reductions in the upper arm circumference with a high degree subject satisfaction.

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