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Direct Shipping to Office Full Support for Marketing
Customer Service Low Interest Financing
Full In-Office Training 2-Year Full Warranty


Extra Benefits

Free iPad Air with your purchase.
We believe that the patient experience during the treatment is very important. Hence we provide all of our doctors a complimentary iPad air for the use of their patients during the treatment.

Free subscription to Netflix and Hulu Plus?

An account will be created for your office, so that patients can watch their favorite TV shows and movies.


Full Satisfaction Guaranteed
We ensure the safe delivery of the product to your office.

Your brand new medical product will be in full working condition upon arrival.

Training of your staff will begin immediately so that the new service can be offered to your patients right away.

30 day money back guarantee will be available on all products.


  • Tax Code provided for writing off the device as an office expense
  • “Certificate of Completion” provided for framing on the wall.



  • 1. Technical Support
  • 2. Diet Program Specifically Designed for the Treatment
  • 3. Patient Forms with Contraindications.
  • 4. Listing on the internet for gaining new patients.


Zerona, Zerona-AD, and Verjú require absolutely no maintenance. The devices are of very high quality and should last for many years. The device never directly touches the patients and will rarely have any technical issues. The operation of the devices are extremely easy with no setting adjustments required.

Spinel USA works with Erchonia Corporation directly to provide you with brochures, before-after photos and any other necessary marketing material to showcase your new service to your patients and to the public.

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