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Zerona, Verju, Zerona-AD

Spinel Zerona is the distribution department of Spinel USA for Erchonia Corporation. Spinel USA is under the umbrella of Spinel Global Ltd. Our current contract with Erchonia allows for distribution of Zerona, Zerona-AD and Verjú in the United States.

We at Spinel USA help with introducing FDA Approved Technologies that are non-invasive, safe, effective, and popular to physicians. Our goal is to help your patients benefit as well as help your business grow. Our strong market research department is always actively analyzing the market for recommendations that help serve this purpose.

Our products of Erchonia are backed by a 30 day return policy, 2 year warranty, training and marketing tools that will help physicians begin their journey.

Spinel USA is located in Newport Beach, California. Devices are recommended to physicians only based on our strong suggestion that it will be a good investment. We encourage all physicians to do their own research on the products and the market demand. We will always help with any questions regarding the research and literature, as well as treatment costs and possible revenues.

One of the best ways to make your decision before purchasing a device is to check the FDA clearance and research provided on medical journals. The next step should be asking a few of your existing or potential patients if they would be interested in receiving the treatment at your suggested price. These 2 simple steps should make your decision easy whether the device is right for your office or not.

We understand that different locations and specialties have different needs. Our suggestions will always take those into accounts. Market saturation and many other factors come to play. The new generation of Zerona Z-6, Verjú, and Zerona-AD have a big potential for profitability. With Television and news and journals gaining more and more interest in these products, the patient pool will be on a rise as more exposures and appearances are already scheduled.

There are very few physicians currently offering these new services. We will do our part to focus our energy on distributing the device evenly to have enough providers for patients that are interested in the service, without creating unnecessary competition for our partner physicians. This is our responsible way of ensuring your success.

Prices of our machines are currently at a low, until we reach our goal of having enough providers to serve different locations. These prices should be expected to rise in the near future that will help eliminate competition between physicians that already purchased. The increase in price will also help the resell value of your device if it becomes necessary in the future.

Spinel USA is a professional company with a professional approach to our clients. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the purchase of our products, please call or email us. We would be glad to provide you with honest answers that will help you in your decision.