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Media Coverage
Featured on 12 major TV shows and networks.

The first generation of Zerona appeared on many popular shows that generated publicity for physicians that owned the device.

Thousands of viewers began searching for a Zerona provider within hours of airing of each show.

Here is the Erchonia You tube channel link that includes 12 videos that the public has seen on the first TV campaign:

The doctors show

Taped on 3/27/2014…….Aired on May 2nd.

The new Verju machine is now entering a large TV campaign.

Major networks and shows such as Dr. Oz Show will present this new procedure in the next coming weeks.

Get the new Verju, and be listed on the Erchonia website as an official provider to take full advantage of the large wave of interested patients.

Your practice and zerona/verju

The Zerona/Verju is Safe. FDA Cleared for safe use. After several years of the first generation, the new improved version is now available.

The Zerona/Verju is Effective. Much research supports the results:

“Harvard Scientists Commend Erchonia for Excellence in Clinical Research for the Zerona Laser” Read The Article

To read more research Visit Erchonia’s official page on the literature on the following 2 links: Link 1, Link 2

The Zerona/Verju is Popular. The amazing branding of these products ensures the success of your practice. Existing patients will want it; New patients will find you.

You can find some physicians that are currently offering the Zerona and research their success by clicking here.

The Zerona/Verju is Affordable: Both for the Doctor and the patient.

Average treatment cost for patients is $1000 for the Zerona, and slightly higher with the Verju. This price for the results are more than fair and keep the referrals rate very high among patients.

Cost of the machine can be financed through our bank. $0 downpayment, First 3 months deferred payments, and monthly payments as low as a few hundred dollars. These are typical estimates based on relatively good credit. Many physicians have been able to pay the entire cost of the device off in just 2-3 months, and in some cases in just the first month.

The Zerona/Verju is User-Friendly. We will do the full training of you and your staff. You will be surprised at the ease of operation. The Zerona/Verju is Business-Friendly. Very small limitations allow for very large demographics for treatment.

Only pregnancy and pace-makers are contra-indications. Patients up to 45 BMI are now eligible candidates.

The amazingly simple 4 week program allows you to easily prescribe an effective weight loss program to your patients that is even easier for them to follow.

A few laser treatments will open up the pores in the adipose tissue and allow the interior fat content to seep out into the intra-cellular space. 30 minutes of walking, taking Curva pills that will be provided to your clinic, 5 minutes of light massaging, drinking 8 glasses of water. These will ensure the proper flushing out of the released fat. SIMPLE!

Doctors love it. Paitents love it even more.

  • 1. Buy a Zerona device, Buy a Verju device, or Buy a Zerona-AD device.
  • 2. We will ship the machine out to your office and train your entire staff.
  • 3. You will be listed on the official manufacturer’s website as a provider.
  • 4. Introduce the new service to new or existing clients.
  • 5. Let the power of branding bring patients to your clinic.
  • 6. Watch the high referral rate that you will get with this amazing technology.
Our commitment is to your success!

If you have never used a medical device before then you are unaware of the possibilities.

Non-invasive, no insurances, cash patients, no head aches, no law suits, high profit, low overhead, popular, simple.

If you have never offered a well known brand then you are unaware of its’ powers.

Free publicity of TV, magazines, articles, internet, social media, and more does wonders for any business that offers them. It brings in clients and sells for you.

Become one of the first in your area to offer the new generation of Zerona/Verju